Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Photograph Your 2D Art!

Leaf Child Jules
Leaf Child Jules
by Tom
Not too different than his work in progress, think he added some darks and spiced it up with a few violet highlights! Love the atmosphere in this piece!

There are so many ways to photograph and share you art (I've been looking at this image and the one I took in the previous post, how different they can be interpreted via the surface they're presented on, different lighting conditions, framed etc!) Which reminded me that I've really been wanting to run a short course on how to photograph your 2D Art! It's something we include in our Pikaland Bootcamp Marketing Course however it can easily be run as a solo class! How you present your art online is just as important as the art itself! Nows the chance to take the time and really invest in getting some great shots of your work! From getting seen on other blogs, to making the front page of etsy, to ultimately selling your work online- the image of your art will be the difference between success and failure!

So I've decided February's the chance for a short 2 wk course focusing only on photographing your art! Set aside the time! Get valuable feedback and insights and really learn how to make your work shine! Find out more here!

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