Monday, January 3, 2011

Jes seen True Grit... yup

It was really good. The time travel aspect really puts you out in the middle of the snowy dead woods in an almost completely unsettled wilderness with a band of crazy ignoramuses and a drunken over the hill Sheriff as your guardian angel. Jeff Bridges excellent slurred and drunken presentation of Charles Portis' lines were of necessity at times indecipherable so we decided to pick up the book so we could enjoy his dry and cutting sense of humor all over again.

So much thought was put into the making of this movie and making it correct in every detail that we never felt as if the makers hoped for our stupidity or that we didn't share in their love of making it authentic. Down to the last detail everything read as real, dialect, costuming, social mores, firearms, ammunition, hair cuts, dental hygiene, I could go on and on, all spot on. I could even sense that Rooster's long riding jacket wasn't tainted much by the fact that Mattie held it over an open smoking chimney, it stunk as much before as it did after.

It's rare that you get an action adventure movie/ authentic western that also includes an excellent script. We were on the edge of our seats as much regarding the presentation of the next line as we were the next event in what seemed to be a totally unpredictable plot line, it helps to have not read the book before seeing the film!

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Bethany Hissong said...

While I'm not one for Westerns, you've talked me into seeing this one if Craig brings it up!