Monday, January 31, 2011

Self Reflections

Social Isolation
Just returned last night from our trip to NC, always strange reuniting with friends you haven't seen in awhile... lots of self reflection? Especially since we were visiting Tom's friend from childhood! We saw a renegade feral cat, 64 degree weather and sunshine! (so nice after all this snow!), lots of southern hospitality, a little 13 yr. old dachshund dog named Ivy who liked to eat apples and almonds, watched a great documentary on Vincent Van Gogh, lots of gelato smelato, chicken enchiladas, espressos, Old Salem, lots of Nissans, nose pickin old ladies in Nissans, Blue Ridge mountains, beautiful Winter landscapes! The tobacco baron's houses, the SECCA Museum of Contemporary Art, Black Angus cattle, and a sign in the rest stop bathroom inside the women's stall that said "Place Purse Here" including braille. Dehydrated okra pods, husband and wife Ministers from Georgia, a tufted tit mouse, blue bird, our first ride in a Prius,  discovered Taco Bell uses only 88% beef in their products! (not that we ate there but it was in the Newspaper!), medieval music from Armania, Pastis, homemade grappa... all this after a treacherous drive down through a blizzard and over roads that were more saline than the dead sea! As soon as we hit NC the skies cleared, the sun came out and birds sang, 
now back to our frozen home in the park!


Tabitha said...

aw, I'm so glad you enjoyed your time in NC! I live pretty close to the border and like to hang out in Asheville, Brevard, and Hendersonville occasionally. You came at the perfect time, too! The weather we had this weekend was amazing!!!

hmstrjam said...

I know the weather was so nice! We didn't want to come home! Wanted to visit Asheville but didn't have time! Also noticed a lot of people wearing purple hmmm :D

cindy said...

sounds full and you are so cute. love your hat!