Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Going Swifting

We're going to watch a flock of swifts this evening, perfect to celebrate Audubon's 226th birthday today! Found this painting of a Chimney Swift by Wyeth, such a dramatic eloquent death scene.

Our neighborhood has recently turned into a bird aviary, waking us up at 4am with their chips and chirps. Yesterday I saw 10 gold finches bathing in a puddle out back, I also got a kick out of Bill Cunningham's photos of Robin's in the NY Times Sunday Styles section, like little bird spy shots and stuck in like stickers.

Nike hasn't caught a bird yet but he did bring a baby bunny to the door the other day, still alive! He let it go and Tom pet it, all seemed ok! We saw the bunnies dancing in the night and their fur is beginning to turn rusty brown.

Will hopefully get some photos of the swifts tonite!


Bethany Hissong said...

This definitely looks like a Wyeth, though I thought maybe you were showing your dark side at first! I think you have all of our goldfinches down south right now because they just tore up the field next to us where there were hundreds of them in the thistles.

Jen Appel said...

My cat Tiddles once brought home a slice of pizza. He wasn't much for hunting, though. Couldn't quite figure it out. I guess that's why he preferred take out.