Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tour of Philadelphia Recap

Tour of Philadelphia
Woke up early Sunday morning and headed to Philadelphia for the pro bike race.

a lot of this
There was a lot of this. Allez Allez! Whoosh whoosh!
tour of philadelphia
and this! (Notice the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the background?) The two old ladies standing next to us were just as die hard- standing 6 hours to catch the whole race (albeit checking their phone for updates on Roland Garros scores..but ringing their cowbells just as vigorously as the rest of us!)

tour of philadelphia
The main peloton sweeping by.

tour of philadelphia
The racers would do laps (a circuit around Philadelphia) and sweep by us every 30 mins. or so. There were a lot of dorky creepy guys around, including the one on the left whose face I had to mask out so it wouldn't haunt your dreams as it does mine... We could follow the race live on the huge screen above the racers here when they were  on other parts of the course- all streamed live via a camera on the back of a motorcycle.

the winner (and creepy guy)
The winner! Danish rider Alex Rasmussen of HTC Highroad, last year we watched his team mate Matt Goss win. He was swarmed with creepy guys post podium ceremony who wanted their speedos and bald heads signed. Rasmussen was indulgent but really wanted to get the F out of there, he should have kept sprinting!

Post race exodus.
All in all a good race, comparing our images from last years race Can't believe a year has gone by!


Tabitha said...

looks like you guys had a brilliant time! thanks for scratching that guy's face out, hehe :) I'll take your word that it was scary.

Joyce said...

Thanks for making sure my dreams are happy ones. :-) Looks like a lot of peeps and a lot of fun. xo