Sunday, August 28, 2011

Surveying the damage, Post-Irene

Hurricane casualty.
Just kidding I'm back on my feet!
Nope, down again. Fallen from sustained injuries.
Whole forests lay denuded of their limbs. (oh no! that's my favorite dirt patch!)
Waiting for the next hit.


Samantha said...

so glad he wasn't seriously injured! haha!
happy hurricane day!


Miss Flying V said...

haha, what a cutie :)

Bethany Hissong said...

That's what it looks like here... even the cat (though in white)! Glad you guys are okay. Our power came back on at 6:30 pm and we were able to save most of our food on ice. I'm glad it's all over now.

Anonymous said...

Just flew out of Canada yesterday. I think they're getting the aftermath. Phew, as long as kitty's alright there's nothing to be concerned about!