Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Style Hunter

Headed to the Union Square Farmer's Market this morning in NYC and spotted the style hunter himself, NY Times photo journalist Bill Cunningham (as in the movie!) He was nervously alert when into his peripheral vision popped a black hatted red coated style maven...

Red Coat
Who Bill was hunting.
He moved as if an alarm system went off in his body. Chasing her around the corner, snapping away while we simultaneously snapped him...and the red coat, his muse

More Red Coat.
She even flashed a huge smile at Bill.
She has a hunger for vegetables. 
Union Square Light
Trying to look like we weren't stalking B. Happened to capture some early November refracted light :D

Chicken Sells turkey
Wandering around the market (in between stalking). Tempted to order our own Turkey...

Perfect for the day we had to leave NYC
Beautiful and serendipitous day at the market :D


Anonymous said...

OMG I just love New York! Just returned to the UK from my first visit. Can't get enough of that place!!!

Cindy said...

how exciting to see the man himself in action! lucky you. love your snaps of the farmer's market!