Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cupcake cat

Cupcake Cat

It's bound to be a good week :D

ps we just watched a good film called Certified Copy set in Tuscany with Juliette Binoche, simple and smart, imbued with philosophical musings. A couple wanders around Tuscany musing on whether a copy is just as good as an original work of art and what's the difference? Just as their relationship becomes unclear and you're left wondering whether their meeting was real or fake and then left to wonder does it matter anyways? If someone or something like a museum puts a label on a work of art does it make it any better or more important in the eye of the beholder? Is our experience of art, life what we bring to it or do we get caught up in the hype of authenticity? And what is authentic anyways? Isn't art itself a copy of life, an imitation of what we see around us? Lots to muse on! Like a good meal that lingers... :D


Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

my husband just sent me an email to tell me that movie is on instant netflix! now i have to watch it!

have you seen chocolat?

hmstrjam said...

yes, not as good as this one! Juliette Binoche is given her own freewill to act in this one , without anyone pulling her strings, and you can tell!