Friday, June 1, 2012

Snow White and The Hot Wings Sandwich

Just returned from watching the much anticipated 'Snow White and The Huntsman'

Conversation between Tom and I post film:

Jamie: So what did you think?

Tom: Feel like I got CG-ed to death. All very fantastic and all that but sometimes electronic just reads as electronic-  not sure how electronic reads with fairytale. It's a fairy tale but zap zap, some nerd in Silicone Valley's pushing buttons.

J: Wish there had been better dialogue and character development instead of so much CG action scenes!  And the creepy Albino evil brother was such a cliche. Wasn't he in The Da Vinci code too?

T: I actually know some very nice albinos...

J:Was disappointed by Kristen Stewart's performance, having never seen Twilight I wasn't sure what to expect but the damsel in distress gig got old and the 'I'm in control but my knees still go weak whenever my hot guy comes around' was blah and not very empowering. Charlize Theron did good with what she was given. 

T: Except for all the practiced operatic scream scenes. "Cue the scream!"And oh oh make your eyes real big!

J: And poppy!

T: Make your eyes look like Kermits!

J: The glass shard effect got kind of old...

T: The whole idea behind the glass shard thing wasn't out of a fairytale.. took me back to the Watts riots of 1967... 68?

J: I know you liked the fairies

T: The fairies were cool come on, they were benevolent, bemused and floated around leaving wispy trails of sparkle dust and live in a moss colored house. Even though they were white, fuzzy and gender neutral (not even an ass crack!)

J: I liked the audience's reaction when they appeared, first like what the hell? and then ooo they're so cute

T: Don't know if I'd want to see that fairy curled up next to me on my pillow!

J: The audience was good. Lots of responses, giggling at the dwarves, and cheers at the end

T: Lots of adult children over responding to the fantastic.

J: The dwarfs were good! Liked the actors-

T: Bunch of British character actor's heads CGed onto dwarves tubby little bodies. Probably the best CG manipulation of the movie.

J: Also the cameo by Lily Cole.

T: yes getting octogenarianized in a breathe sucking moment!

J: swwwwooooooof!

J: hmm what about the soundtrack?

T: nondescript? The best part of the soundtrack was the dwarves playing the fiddle and pipe around the fire in a none aggressive way that was kind of pleasant. They weren't hammering out Celtic Women.

J: The Huntsman did good, what's his name-?

T: Chris Hemsworth?? I don't know he was playing dumb and oafish- maybe that's just him

J: Overall, worth seeing?

T: yea worth seeing. Take your inner child with you lest you be overly critical and cynical. I suggest you read the real story first, The Brother's Grimm version- you'd probably be more amazed than seeing the movie.

J: Can you read it aloud for us?
(I'll try to record a copy for you!)

T: I don't know...

J: we forgot to mention why we titled our post Snow White and The Hot Wings Sandwich!

T: Inspired by our fellow movie goers personalities

J: They were loadin up!

T: All the CG action makes you crazy hungry for wings

J: :D


Ellen Vesters said...

Haaaahahahaha (l-o-l)

Cindy said...

such a great review and you two certainly are cerebral when it comes to movies. i'm going to be cautious about recommending one because sometimes we doze off even if we love it :).