Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tom's Onion Soup

Tom's Onion Soup (direct from Paris)
I've been nagging Tom to make onion soup for us forever! It something we always love to eat at Pastis or Tartine when we're in nyc. Perfect for a rainy or cold day! 
He finally created this one without a recipe (he was a chef in Paris for 5 yrs!- even so he made it look so easy. He said to make sure you use Sea Salt and fresh ground black paper!) I tired to take pictures of all the steps but missed the onion cutting- which he finished before I grabbed the camera! Everything is explained below!
Bon Apetit! 

This recipe is good for 2 large servings and a bit left over to split a bowl the next day!

5 Large yellow onions
4 tbsps. of good salted butter
Pinch of Thyme, 1 or 2 Bay Leaves
Dry White or Red Wine
Sea Salt and Pepper to taste
Gruyere Cheese
Beef Stock
A little bit of flour

Step 1 
(not pictured!)
Halve lengthwise and peel all your onions. Thinly slice.

Step 2
Put your butter in the pot- melt the four tbsps.
(*Make sure you have a heavy bottomed cooking pot- such as Le Creuset- which I'd recommend- or All-Clad. The weight and heat transfer of these pots makes the slow sauteing of the onions an easier task to accomplish!

Step 3
Add the onions. And a double pinch of fresh thyme (dried is ok!) and 1 large or 2 small bay leaves with a pinch of sea salt (Baleine or Maldon!) and pepper to taste. Start the onions off on a high heat and reduce after 10 minutes.

Continue cooking for another 30 minutes
until the onions are..Untitled 
...a deep golden brown and caramelized.Untitled 
A total of 40 minutes. 

Step 4
At this point add a sprinkled tablespoon or 2 of flour to the onions, stirring and cooking for five minutes to neutralize the taste of the flour. And add a quarter to 1/2 cup of white or red wine (we used white in this case!). Allow all of the alcohol to cook off- about 5 more minutes. (Aromatic!)

Step 5
Next add 4 cups (or a 1 quart container) of good brown beef stock- preferably Pacific (which we used and thought was good!) Homemade works as well if you feel heroic!

Cook the onions and added beef stock over a very slow heat for about 20 minutes. 

At this point the soup can be allowed to cool, if you prefer making it in the morning or a day ahead of time.

Step 6
When ready for final preparation grate about 2-3 ounces of good Swiss Gruyere cheese. And thinly slice a stale or fresh baguette (we actually used cibatta bread which we had on hand- similar!) Brown or toast the baguette in the oven.

UntitledStep 7
Ladel your onion soup into their cooking crocks!

UntitledAnd top with the toasted baguette slices. 

Untitledand liberally cover with the shredded gruyere!

Untitled(we're ready to go!)

Step 8
To finish place under a broiler or in an oven heated to 400 degrees and cook until golden brown and the cheese is bubbling.

(checking in!)

Voila! (my cup)

C'est Finis! (tom's cup!)

all gone
All gone :D


samantha ramage said...

so yummy looking!!
post the recipe!!


winsomegreen said...

Rec-i-pe, rec-i-pe! :) Love onion soup and your heavy pot!

hmstrjam said...

ok! will have to follow up with a recipe :D Can't believe i posted onion soup- it's burning up here now - heat wave! still love onion soup though too- luckily made it on a cooler day....

hmstrjam said...

Recipe now included! ;D http://smallexpectations.blogspot.com/2012/06/toms-onion-soup.html

sweet harvest moon said...

My favorite during winter time!