Wednesday, July 4, 2012

5 days of hell

Our power has only just returned after 5 days of hell- no power, no a/c, biggest heatwave to hit the east coast, blasted out by hurricane force winds last Friday. Currently awash in the 50 greatest pieces of classical music on Spotify to recover. Such civility , beauty and grace to banish the harsh brutality of the last several days. This drawing captures our current state of existence- border line crazy (that left eye is going!) I don't think we've slept in 5 nights. Accompanying soundtrack for image: Mozart
Only if you blast it, drowning out every other sound in the room ;P

And for Jane who is still without power- no a/c cat:
Accompanying soundtrack for no a/c


Jen Appel said...

Poor you guys!! How's the cat?

I'm sending cool thoughts your way!

Crystal said...

I agree. We just got our power back yesterday. Itvwas brutal!

hmstrjam said...

I made you a Canada drawing Jen but couldn't post! will have up soon!

jane augenstein said...

OMG I LOVE it, I feel like that sometimes!!!