Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cat Cups and Cat bags!

After several requests the new Dancing Cat mugs and totes are here! You can find Sleepy Time Cat Mug and my new Reading Cats Tote in the shop now :D


annamaria said...

They look awesome Jamie;-)

Miss Cavendish said...

Very nice! BTW, I *finally* finished my own Chanel paper-flower picture, what I definitely call a "humble cousin" to Tom's gorgeous work:


Nettie Boogaard said...

Lovely to see the Dancing Cat on other items than paper! Only too expensive for someone who lives from an unemployment payment. You have the make the right choices then.

best wishes,
Nettie, Holland.

Mehul said...

Love "the reading room" bag. so nice. xo
~ Mehul
Architectural Stone