Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The 2013 Summer plants are in!

Back in time for Summer plants!
You may recall I documented the plants from last summer (and how they faired!) so thought I'd do it again this year- Summer 2013 IS here!! I had to include the survivors, the ones that made it through the winter! as well as all the newbies- these are their baby pictures!
First we filled the planter with Marigolds and Zinnias this year instead of impatiens.

The old timers

(little rugged looking from surviving the winter but adds more character ;D)

Baby Thyme


Mr. Mint



Our Lemon Verbena which also made it through the winter inside!

Geranium (winter hardy)
 hoping it will bloom again!

Impatien survivor (which has already had a couple of red blooms!)

Diving into the zinnias..

yes! the pots are 'Made in Italy'!) have to squint to see, proof this label still appeals!

Robin attack in the backyard as I was documenting!

We'll see how this years plants fair! Last year with the heat and derecho and storms (the geranium pot actually blew off and broke one stormy night!) Not to mention pastry squirrel stopping by to bury us a donut ;D Plants make you feel good.


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Herbs growing is soo great. They smell great, look great and make food delicios! :)

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