Monday, November 4, 2013

Broken Glasses

Glasses Fund Drive!
I broke my glasses over the weekend and have been crushed in tears since. Didn't realize how attached I had become, I've worn the same glasses for the last 6 years, felt like I broke a part of me (how ridiculous is that?!) Wish I could blame it on the cat but I was the one that knocked them off the counter in the bathroom and watched helplessly as they hit the tile floor and cracked :( Decided to set up a fund drive to raise funds for new ones. If you could  make a donation to help it would be greatly appreciated! As an incentive I will be offering reading cat inspired cards and prints at different price points. I'll leave the donation amount up to you but here's a breakdown of what you'll get if you donate... 

$5 1 Reading Cat Card
$25 1 Reading Cat Print
$50 2 different Reading Cat Prints
$75 2 Reading Cat Prints and a set of 4 cards.
$100 Original Glasses inspired cat drawing.

You can donate here via paypal, just click on the donate button below. I'm hoping to raise close to $500 so I can replace the ones I broke with similar frames. I apologize if the request seems ridiculous, just heartbroken over my broken glasses!
xo, The Dancing Cat

Amount raised so far: $120

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