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Exploring The 5 Senses

Exploring the 5 Senses
5wks/5 assignments/5 senses
$120 USD

Nov. 15- Dec. 19, 2010
A new online Winter art course taught by artist and illustrator Jamie Shelman with weekly assignments exploring the 5 senses: Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, Smell.

Have you ever wondered how you could interpret the smell of apple pie or sound of a melodious opera or feel of jumping into a big pile of leaves into your works of art by still only using 2D mediums? The essence of art is to communicate a sense to your viewer, to make them feel or literally sense the same expression you felt when you heard, smelled, tasted or touched an object or experience. Is not a color sweet or sour? Or you mark making loud or quiet, melodious or have a rhythm? The sound of the wind through the Aspen trees outside my window has a visual duplicate! This Winter heighten the ability to incorporate your senses into your work! Become more aware of how you can express each sense in your art and unlock your true 'artistic sensibilities.'
Each week we'll focus on one specific sense and how it can be expressed through your 2D visual art. With emphasis on creative thinking and the production of new work, we'll also explore examples of existing work and ways in which the 5 senses have been explored through art making. With individual critiques, peer feedback, support and specific examples tailored to fit your individual approach to art!
Stretch your mind this winter, meet and connect with new artists. Bring new ideas and new ways of sensing your work!
This course is open to all levels of artistic ability and skill with emphasis on the creation of 2D art.
Space is limited, so enroll early to reserve a seat!

What do I need to take this course?
An open mind! Course assignments are structured to get you thinking creatively and develop new ways of interpreting your art! It helps to be open to new ideas and ways of approaching how you make your work. Time! Commitment. Assignments are posted at the beginning of each week and are expected to be completed by the following Sunday. Be prepared to set aside ample time to devote to your work, and to your fellow classmates! Make this course strong by being present, active and engaged. Share your joy of making art with others.
What will I get out of this course?
New ideas! Connections! Support. A new community of artists to share and express your ideas and share your art! Valuable feedback and insight on how others see and interpret your work. 5 new works of art created entirely by you! New ways of seeing and expressing who you are and what you love (or hate, or fear, or smell, or hear etc etc!) using your 5 senses as inspiration.
Why should I enroll now?
With the days getting shorter and colder Winter is the perfect time for bundling up inside in your studio or at your desk with a warm cup of coffee, creating and exploring new ideas. Plus it helps to have a community of other artists to share your recent creations and get new ideas!
Is this course part of the Pikaland Bootcamp series?
No this course is taught just by Jamie, although if you're familiar with the Pikaland Bootcamps it's structured in exactly the same manner. Although Amy will not be an instructor she will be stopping by for guest critiques along with my husband and fellow artist/Rhode Island School of Design Graduate Thomas Meyer :D The more critical feedback you can get about your work the better!
I might be traveling what if I miss an assignment?
It's ok! Just be sure to post your assignment when you return (or even create your assignment while on your travels). Understandably for many it's near the holiday season so a lot of buzz will be going on. Try to incorporate some of this into your work! Specific assignments will focus on involving your family, travel and cooking, perfect for this time of year!
Where I live it's not Winter, can I still take the course?
Of course! In fact it might be Summer where you live, all assignments are based on the senses not the season (it just happens to be Winter where I am!)
Any other requirements?
A computer and ability to upload images of your work. It also helps to have your own blog where you can also share works in progress and keep family and friends aware of your new creations!
Can I purchase a spot in this course as a gift for someone else?
Yes! If you'd like to purchase a spot for a friend or family member contact me for more info. Can make a perfect gift this season!
Should I sign up my husband/wife/loved one or Mother as well?
Yes! It's a great opportunity to get your loved one involved in what you do. I know behind every great artist there is a great supporter (and often another artist haha!) Why not let them participate and join in on the fun, do something together this Winter! Plus there is a discount for couples, contact me for more info! Get your Mom involved and creating!
I'm concerned the assignments may be too challenging or I won't know what to make.
Don't be afraid! This course is all about sensing, doing, making, not so much thinking. Clear themes and ideas will be presented with each assignment to get you started and considering what you really love to paint/draw/express! I will be available throughout the course and will be checking in daily if you have questions, concerns, feel stuck or just need more input! This is a fun, encouraging environment where you can be yourself and feel free to share who you are!
Why the 5 senses?
As an artist you already have a heightened sense of awareness or sensitivity to your surroundings or intuitive self, however your ability to communicate can often become jumbled or confused, you're left frustrated and wondering why that landscape you were so passionate about painting came out looking so bland or how the energy you felt from a certain piece of music could fall so flat in your drawing. Usually we try to tackle too much at once! By isolating each sense we'll be able to better focus and clarify what it is you're trying to say with your art! Plus haven't you always wondered how you could interpret the smell of your morning coffee, the texture of a Christmas tree, or the sound of that Great Horned Owl that hoots outside your window at night? This course is about pushing the boundaries and challenging yourself to interpret your art with a new sense!

Where can I sign up?
Right here!

Although this course has already started, it's not too late to join in, contact me at for more info!

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Who is Jamie?
Jamie is the co-creator and instructor of Pikaland Bootcamp, a series of online art courses structured to get you thinking creatively and making new work! She has been writing, developing and creating sold out online art courses for the past year and has extensive knowledge and understanding of art making and art history via her education at The Rhode Island School of Design, with an emphasis on creative thinking, technique and immersion in the modern art world. In addition she has studied abroad in Rome Italy, The Sydney College of Arts, was selected for an Ox-Bow Residency, and has been an online artist/blogger/inspirer for the past 2 yrs. Her desire for self-expression has ranged from large 6 ft. abstract oil paintings to small illustrations of dancing cats. She loves looking at art almost as much as she loves making it and hopes to inspire and impart her enthusiasm for art and art making to all those with a desire to learn! To find out more about The Pikaland Bootcamp series click here and to find out more about Jamie see here.
Still have questions? Feel free to contact me at

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