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Winter Landscape Observation

Painting the Winter Landscape
Jan 3- Feb 13, 2011
$240/ 6wks
Instructors: Rhode Island School of Design graduates Jamie Shelman and Thomas Meyer

A new 6wk online art course exploring the Winter landscape in oil paint*
Open to all levels of artistic ability, while it helps to have some knowledge of the medium, no previous experience required, just a passion for painting and a desire to explore your natural surroundings.

What this course includes:
  • Introduction to oil paint, including techniques, surface preparation, color mixing and how to use mediums. Photo/video tutorials and step-by-step guides.
  • An exploration of compositional elements, what makes a composition strong and engaging? Before you even put brush to canvas we'll explore how you can create an engaging picture, looking at examples from past and contemporary landscape painters, including The Impressionists, Andrew Wyeth, Winslow Homer (whose painting, The Fox Hunt is featured below), Fairfield Porter (see below), David Hockney (see above) and many more. In addition to composition we'll consider how each painting featured here was made, exploring painting techniques (from application to color source) each artist used to create a certain effect.
  • Weekly assignments with individual critiques, peer feedback and a community of artists to share and discuss your weekly creations.

What this course requires:
  • Time! This course requires dedication and commitment. Be prepared to set aside ample time to work on your art, although time needed will vary from as little as a couple hours a week to as many hours as you feel necessary!
  • A digital camera to take pictures of your work and the landscapes you'll be working from.
  • Materials- Cost of materials is not included in the course fee, you must purchase your own art supplies! A materials list will be provided which will include oil paints, brushes, mediums and canvases/wood panels. 
Fairfield Porter

Why the Winter landscape?
While many may consider the Winter landscape barren and colorless, a closer inspection shows an incredibly diverse and rich palette! Lighting, shadows, shapes and colors are created in Winter on a much more subtle and less harsh basis than in any other season and therefore invites a fascinating and singular subject matter! 

Who should take this course?
Someone who has been wanting to learn how to paint in oils. Someone who already knows how to paint in oils but wants to learn new techniques and get feedback on their work. Someone who wants to connect with other artists who share similar interests and a love of painting.

Why oil paint?
Oil paint can require a greater technical knowledge and therefore more patience and commitment to use as a medium. It is also a skill that is losing ground in an ever increasing digital age, a sensory experience and joy that should be preserved! The medium is able to capture certain light conditions and colors in a way that no other medium can. An understanding of oils will add to your practice as an artist, even if you don't use oils exclusively. 

What will I get from this course?
An understanding and better handling of oil paints. How to approach painting landscapes from observational studies. Several new works of art and a core understanding of how to make a great painting! You will come out of this course a better artist!

Where can I enroll?
Right here! The course is 6 wks long and priced at $40/wk
Space is limited to 10 students, enroll early to reserve a seat!

You can also purchase a spot in the course as a gift for a loved one, for more info, or further questions in general contact us at

*If you would really like to take this course but use a different medium, such as gouache or acrylics, it can be done, however technical assignments will be structured for oil paints only.

Who is Jamie?
Jamie is the co-creator and instructor of Pikaland Bootcamp, a series of online art courses structured to get you thinking creatively and making new work! She has been writing, developing and creating sold out online art courses for the past year and has extensive knowledge and understanding of art making and art history via her education at The Rhode Island School of Design, with an emphasis on creative thinking, technique and immersion in the modern art world. In addition she has studied abroad in Rome Italy, The Sydney College of Arts, was selected for an Ox-Bow Residency, and has been an online artist/blogger/inspirer for the past 2 yrs. Her desire for self-expression has ranged from large 6 ft. abstract oil paintings to small illustrations of dancing cats. She loves looking at art almost as much as she loves making it and hopes to inspire and impart her enthusiasm for art and art making to all those with a desire to learn! To find out more about The Pikaland Bootcamp series clickhere and to find out more about Jamie see here
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