Sunday, January 18, 2009

Haute couture de un blogger

I love Sundays! Reading the times and drinking cafe au lait. Andrew Wyeth's passing made me think of his saying "break all the rules" - by his staying 'traditional' he was the one breaking the rules in a world full of people reaching for the new. In the modern art world, while all around are trying to find the next big thing, perhaps the next big thing is the classic. The classic will always stand out in a field of people making intellectual decisions regarding what constitutes art. Art is a product of sensibilities not pondering. The classic is a prime example of these sensibilities being made visibly manifest. Classic is timeless, simple, and formally astute. Here are a few:

Porsche 911 by jesuspark.
Vintage Porsche 911

Leonardo Da Vinci - Lady with ermine by AstroAlbert.
Leonardo Da Vinci- Lady with Ermine
The Navy Peacoat

Chanel vintage advert by pheester
Chanel No5
Vivaldi's Four Seasons