Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dancing Squirrel on a rope

Lookout by csabatokolyi.

I'm super excited for our new project this+this=that see the post below for more details and be sure to join the flickr group here to contribute! I have a ton of ideas, I hope you'll participate! Plan to get your artwork in by next friday if possible!
While browsing for inspiring images I came across this beautiful Hungarian squirrel entitled Lookout by csabatokolyi , we've taken to calling him beauty pest and have all kinds of ideas of him blow drying and styling his hair to get his look just right, why do all European animals look more magical? I'm entranced, be sure to view csabatokolyi's flickr stream, his nature shots are fantastic!

I also had the joy of coming across the work of  Jay Cover ( formerly know as Macho Goose ) Really enjoying the simplicity, subtltey, and humor of his work and LOVE his Gentleman & Sparrow series in particular- check out the full series on his flickr stream here.
And finally a quick read of the NY Times uncovered this article,  Architect, or Whatever profiling the lives of recently unemployed designers and architects and their innovative ways of creating self-employment. I particularly liked the story of the architect who set up a booth at the Seattle's farmers market and offered design advice for a nickel, this led to loads of work, come see our dancing squirrel on a rope!



cindy said...

i love that squirrel. oh man, so cute. your project sounds good and challenging. enjoyed that article, too. have a good weekend!

Jenny said...

That little man drawing's SO nice!

caramela said...

The idea is exciting Jamie, thanks for the invite, I will be glad to join in. I have to check out the sites you've mentioned- I am very intirgued with the 'architect or whatever'-
Have a fun weekend,