Wednesday, January 20, 2010


alpine sledder by kalpaz.
alpine sledder by kalpaz
jeongyun chandelier by papernstitch



by vrno

There are so many inspiring images and ideas on the web, often compiled and brought together on many of your blogs! I thought it would be fun to take it a step further and combine those inspirations to create something new! Inspired by Gemma Correll's group What I wore today, I've decide to start a flickr group where you can post works of art inspired by weekly postings of photos and ideas found here entitled this+this=that. Sometimes I get so caught up in my drawings that a little focus and new inspiration is like a breath of fresh air! So if you need some inspiration, freedom or just want to play please join, art is after all, in many instances, taking what you love and feel inspired by and creating something entirely new! I've given you an example above but would also like to use the two top images for this weeks inspiration. Whether it's a painting, drawing, scribble, photo or poem use your own 'language' or hand to be inspired. Post your images here, and pass it on. Also would love to hear your thoughts on this idea! What do you think? 
oh yes will also be sharing the weekly top 5 works here!

F you winter, until next year when i love you again...
Just a reminder, this weeks inspirations are alpine sledder and jeongyun chandelier (as seen above) feel free to use the shapes, colors, compositions, ideas, or feelings from both to be inspired and create!

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cindy said...

i have one for this and can't believe it! i realized it at like 2 am. i tried to post to the group, but i got some message saying i couldn't. rules, rules, rules. here's a link

hope you likey and your statement to winter is funny. now, go wash your hands for cursing.

enjoy your weekend! xo, c

ps will be watching emma as long as we can stay awake, although the one with gwyneth paltrow is my favorite. i love the clothes and that umbrella-thing. i can just see that on the vineyard with you two sketching under neath it. we might visit the cape this summer!