Wednesday, January 27, 2010

this+this=that mini

 by anja mulder
pickering by simple tessin the light by abbytrysagainshed some light on me. by sfgirlbybay
The drama! by Justin and Elise
a good thing by m a v
 by anja mulder
Assignment: take a picture of sunlight, somewhere in your vicinity, house, market, pet etc- anything that captures that fleeting glimpse of sun this winter! Be inspired by the images above (also collected here) to make your own!
Don't forget to add your images to the this+this=that flickr group 
note this is a mini assignment! A new topic will be announced Monday and keep your images from last weeks assignment coming!

Beautiful images above by (in order of appearance): 

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cindy said...

you are such a taskmaster, jamie ;) -