Monday, February 1, 2010

this+this=that Assignment 2

Radial Design
Assignment #2:
Your assignment this week, if you should accept, is to create a work of art that incorporates the theme of radial design. The only requirement is that the work radiates out of the center of the page. Instead of using 2 specific images this week for inspiration I've gathered a number of images incorporating radial design. Take a look at Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 before you begin. Radial design has been used for ages as an element of strong compositional design. I especially enjoy these medieval illuminated manuscripts which are narrative and tell a story within their concentric circles, Ruben's painting entitled Mantuan Circle of Friends which creates a circular composition within the work between the placement of figures, and the late Kenneth Noland's "bulls-eye" paintings and Hello Jenuine's piece which literally use circles of color to create an abstract narrative and pattern. You can also use the circle as a framing element, for example in portraiture,and in narrative (this work by ilustria is especially exciting, the circular composition makes it feel as if I'm viewing the scene through a telescope), and the decorative circular wreath around this piece makes the work far more engaging and interesting to look at and keeps your eye moving around the page. Radial design literally gives your work focus. Have fun, experiment, use these images as a starting point and source of inspiration! Don't forget to add your images to the flickr group this+this=that and if you missed last weeks mini assignment find it here (hint: grab your camera and find some sun!) Thanks to those who participated in last weeks first assignment! I've created a gallery here this+this=that assignment 1 of the works, feel free to add any comments, I know it was a bit tough but I hope you'll continue to play along!

(psst image above can be found here!)

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cindy said...

mmm ... i have some ideas for this, but don't want to go with the obvious choices - flowers, spiderwebs, etc. i'll give it a go and learned something even if i don't get a good capture.