Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Etsy Round-up California Style

Good Luck Factory - SALE
Good Luck Factory- ON SALE!  by SoCal artists PearsonMaron (who also happen to have 3 mean cats)

Breakfast Pocket Mirror
Breakfast Pocket MIrror by supercoolspyclub (I wish my breakfast was so cheerful! Plus I love inanimate objects with faces)

1960s Moody Girl... Sterling Silver Mood Ring
1960s Moody Girl.. Sterling Silver Mood Ring by SweetNirvanas (I still secretly love mood rings! And from the looks of it these beauties are selling fast!) 

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elsiee said...

I secretly LOVE mood rings too! I"m kid of blown away that someone is still making them and in sterling silver no less... I am soooo tempted right now!!

hmstrjam said...

i know elsiee me too!