Monday, March 29, 2010

Imagine the possibilities

Imagine this chic pink contemporary work of art...

hanging on your uber modern aqua hued wall

or on your patterned blue cerulean floral motif wallpaper..

or basking in it's coral pink glow from your spacious and sunlit breakfast nook..

Know a spot in your house that needs a a splash of pink and all the hallmarks of a great work of modern art (including minimal line, color field painting, even a tinge of abstract expression found in the brushwork!) then Oslo (named after the capitol of heathendom) is just the piece! An 8.5 x 11 in. print made from an original gouache painting on 100% cotton rag paper, signed, dated and incredibly exclusive (currently only 2 prints available)
and yes I am consenting that with the purchase of this work and power of association your house will be as chic and blissful as these fine examples (images by Sterin)

Music to accompany your artistic selection (and dash any pre-held notions of where this artwork belongs...) :
or the smoother version by Ella..

and if you still can't get past the cat-ness of the work you're in luck, a certain Clementine print is also available and on sale this week only!


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