Monday, July 12, 2010

I knew it was over when I saw that bent over old gypsy lady touch the back of Armstrong's jersey with that dead chicken foot!

38 my ass! It's all about the gypsy curse....

In case you've missed it, the Tour has also included so far

Skinny latin men fighting in slippery hard shoes

a Norwegian God of thunder trying to open coca cola with his gappy teeth while balancing on a bike

Adult British men crying like babies while accepting prizes
we found this conversation about it online:
When he's not throwing a tantrum, he's crying like a little bitch.

Starting to grow a hate on for this punk.

"You've never met the guy and you don't know the first thing about him yet you're getting a hate on for him.

You're an idiot."

Pain loving Germans nearly breaking the pedals off of their bikes

Jovial Italo Swiss men gaining time and friends worldwide with their charm

A Texas cracker falling numerous times because of a, to this point, missed gypsy curse

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