Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Goes Organic!!

Watched the World Cup finale at Whole Foods. One guy got so fired up on his agave juice he threw a chair at the flat screen. Luckily for us, and the guy eating sushi, he missed! Our afternoon found us watching Spain stumble against the tripping Dutchmen in the 2010 World Cup finale, as mentioned in the header we were in a much tamer environment than the Filthy Periwinkle, our local gastropub. No Euro-trash trendy beer, greasy chips or fat dead animal meat thank you! Families came and went with their innocent waif -like children (think Oliver Twist and Tiny Tim), come on Ma and Pa these kids need a good helpin of Iowa beef. Nonetheless they seemed to have enough veggie energy to show some iron deficient excitement without passing out, although standing up did make them weave and swoon. Caught one mid-weave before they hit the deck and put them back in their veggie eating hard wooden chair. Yay team! Speaking of team at least a dozen WFs "team members" watched enthusiastically over our shoulder, $10.50/hr to watch the cup, too bad we went unpaid! Sign languaging bearded, red eyed Euro's with pot bellies got their fix of color from the home turf, and made violent gestures when things went rubberside up. Starey eyed elderly women with half moon glasses would freeze as if seeing a burnt in image of the Madonna, maybe just looking to see why we were looking without still understanding why they were looking, carts frozen in front of them like a deer in the headlights. Good fun was had by all if only for a moment we were all unwashed and loud and European and important.

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Jen Appel said...

Would never have expected Whole Foods to be the hub of soccer activity.

They aren't allowed in Quebec. Some arcane QC law reason.

But then, I live beside le quartier espagnol - no need for a Whole Foods. I got my play-by-play by opening a window.