Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vandals Still Exist, they didn't just pillage Rome

Our harmless yellow Volkswagen beetle for some unexplained reason inspired rage in a small pack of drunken louts, who promptly caved in its roof, you'd think they were reveling in the burning of the Pantheon while lustily raping Rome's women and kicking over tables laden with grapes and wine, but no just a simple yellow car inspired the same rage in these idiots as did the power of Rome in the original barbarians. Beware seekers of light! Mindless thugs with furry loin clothes, rotten teeth, and smelly armpits still exist! yes they still wipe their ass with their bare right hand after each bowl movement, pretty sure this is an accurate take on the mindset of somebody low enough to pull this off in a "civilized" world, rich college kids nonetheless.

1 comment:

cindy said...

that sucks and i bet they don't even wipe their asses!