Thursday, September 30, 2010

The effects of looking at something pleasant frequently.

Talisman of Wealth, just as his fat sides are abundant, so will be the fillings of your wallet!

There's actually a chemical effect. Right now as you stare at this fat little blob of a cat endorphines and dopamine are coursing through your blood stream with the power of opiates. You will find yourself unexplainably earning more money, yodeling gleefully in the Swiss Alps, winning BIG TIME at the Casino in Monte Carlo, sun bathing with the locals in Monte Negro and dining al fresco in Napoli as flowers cascade over your head. All because of this fat little thing hanging on your wall. Expect changes, good changes, flowers will pop up where once sat your garbage cans, neighbors dogs that barked all night long will suddenly, for reason unknown, be mute, a halo will surround your head, strangers will bow at your feet and kiss them as you climb the stairs to your new gem and gold encrusted chalet in Monserrat. Believe this my friends, all this will come to pass, with the purchase of this little cat, believe in the power of art and good things will come your way!!
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