Thursday, September 30, 2010

Holiday prints now in stock!

The Halloween Judge
On sale now (woop woop!) Even though I hate to admit we've already had two rotten pumpkins (ahem one picture above pre-seepage) and it's not even October yet! I love Halloween!! This year we might head up to the Chadds Ford Costume Ball, in the Brandywine Valley (where Andrew Wyeth lived- think spooky empty rooms and moonlit nights!) I think I might make it a custom to create a limited edition Halloween print every year. Tomorrow it's officially Troptober! Although we're experiencing the tropical downpour a day early!
ps I've officially opened up an etsy shop for Chick who also already has his Halloween costume picked out, it's a surprise!
pss This print was recently featured in this exciting cat treasury @etsy meow!

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