Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fortune Follows Fame (with a leer...)

image source: reitbmw

Over the weekend we had the chance to meet and hear Tiffany Coates, "the worlds furthest traveled woman motorcyclist" give a talk about her travels, accompanied by her bike of choice, a single well worn BMW r80GS, aka Thelma. Post presentation from across the room we saw a slender and somewhat hunched over creature with a pubic hair like coiffure, darting black rat-like eyes with an occassional nervous smile
(as if bemused by some foul deed known only to him) , an 'I'm not harmful' stripped Charlie Brown shirt on, think Grandma and the wolf. It was announced by the parts guy to everyone within ear shot that, "the gentleman would like to buy you a tail lense," like buying a whore a cheap drink. Known only to us as 'Tail light creep' we had a feeling he wanted to fix more than tail light. He was a stalker. Which goes to show you don't have to be B. Spears to have a perverted stalker riding in the glow of your fame! Although she seemed to know little about her motorcycle, which goes to show even perverts can act as an instrument of God. With the Overt Pervert lurking, and 'vert' in both of these words, the only thing green was our faces from disgust. If I were her I get back on my bike, although with the inernet I'm sure he'll stay in stop Mongolia, wait a minute is that a Yak or tail light man?!?!

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