Friday, October 29, 2010

Lover of Giselle

This week at Pikaland Bootcamp we're experimenting with how best to photograph our 2D art. It always makes me look closer at how I photograph my own work and style my dancing cats. We have an amazing skylight in our kitchen which gets the best light so lately I've been photographing many of my new works there:

I tried to stage a little scene using some of the objects that sit on my desk, however Tom thinks this sells France more than it does my fat little cat! I protest that the cat is Parisian afterall! At least he's not propped up on thick Russian novels, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, hmm something to consider, could add a whole new meaning to the piece , afterall Russian Ballet dancers are better than Parisians! ;D Maybe I need to add this image of Balanchine's cat somewhere in the photo...
So after deciding the cat might be Russian, too much vodka and blini! We only want quality when it comes to dancing. We decided to crop the photo (sans French books) and I have to admit it looks much better! Plus I like how that pink ribbon compliments his pink leotard.
I also enjoy this one where you can see the texture of the watercolour paper and how the ink bleeds into the paper! (like his toes after too much dancing..) Plus I always love photographing my work in hand.

I'm enjoying seeing what our students have come up with! Photographing your work can be just as creative as making it!
(To find out more about photographing your 2D work visit this article, How to Photograph your 2D Art, I wrote for Etsy!) And find this Dancing Cat in Pink leotard at my etsy shop The Dancing Cat*
*part of a new series of original works!


T said...

At first i thought you meant the model! But I like this better! I will be sure to post to the I HAVE CAT fb page!

hmstrjam said...

Thanks T! I almost called it Move Over Giselle