Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our daily walk

Recently it's been so beautiful outside with all the leaves changing color!
I finally managed to snap some photos to share, it's breathtaking! THE reason we choose to move to Baltimore is Roland Park, an Olmstead designed community, the same family that designed Prospect Park and Central Park, only you get to live in the park! There are trees hundreds of years old right outside your window, with trunks over 15 ft in diameter! The best part is we can walk everywhere we need to go, the grocery store, the post office, the library, the movies, we can even walk or ride our bikes all the way to the inner harbor and John Hopkins campus. As past dwellers of NYC we're big fans of being able to avoid the car, and use it only for pleasure, long rides in the country and apple picking trips! We even walk down a secret foot path that looks like a scene out of Robin hood, and runs adjacent to a small creek, from there it exits to cat street...
The neighborhood greeter!!
There are two fat calicos that always come out and greet, overly verbal, so verbal they can't stop verbalizing while they're running and mew with every step! They will literally chase you down the street to say hello and plop at your feet.
The sugar maple leaves are incredbile!
The most brillant rosy pink light that emantes and makes the whole street glow.

The calicos would not stop moving around for me to get a good picture! This one recently had a tumor removed from her back! There must be 10+ cats that live on this one street, all outsiders! We even saw one up a tree that we had to coax down, and one tried to commit suicide by running under the wheels of a car! I couldn't help myself from screaming out noooo! and squeezing Tom's arm. It was scary moment.

The leaves are piled so thick they bury my shoes. This photo doesn't do it justice, the colors are amazing! We're having a lot of wind now and a cold front is moving in, so many more leaves to fall... but hopefully not too quickly as I'll miss their bright colors!


stephanie levy said...

gorgeous fall colors! thanks for sharing :)

cindy said...

i love all the leaves and you have the purrrfect neighbors (sorry). city dwellers are lucky and your neighborhood sounds like a little bit of the city in the country. enjoy your weekend!

Caren Gittleman said...

what a gorgeous area you live in! This looks like a place that I would love to live in!
It is soooo quaint and cozy!
Love the autumn leaves!

hmstrjam said...

You would love it Caren! One lady even hangs out a cat flag!