Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blitz and Eroica

the frappuccino
Phew I feel relieved, almost bought tickets to tomorrow nights symphony at The Meyerhoff. I love Beethoven but not the landing strip for crack laced jet pilots that you have to take to get to the venue  aka The Jones Falls Expressway. I would liken the experience to that of being a young German pilot just entering the air space over London during the Blitz and finding himself tailed out of the sun by an ale fueled British Ace in a Super Marine Spitfire with 20 mm cannons full ablaze as it shreds the rear of his fuselage and he finds himself helplessly plunging towards the Thames in a ball of flames. 

Mirror View

Or the gimme your wallet or die neighborhood it's located in... I know Beethoven means beet garden, however I think the only thing that would have been beaten is my face, how appropriate because my face would have gotten beaten as I exited my car into the dark streets to traipse to the Symphony. It would have been heroic of me to have attempted to attend the 'Eroica'. All the old ladies attending must carry bricks in their leather coach bags and build up their delts at the local weightpushorium. "Take that you thieving lowlife bastard!" 

Soundtrack for the landing:
Eric Clapton - Cocaine

Catch a snippet without getting beaten for your wallet here:
Beethoven Symphony 3 Eroica III - Simón Bolívar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela

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