Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boardwalk fries

big eats
Somehow we always end up sometime midweek up at the outdoor mall eating an Ocean City Maryland tradition, Boardwalk Fries! Piled high and overspilling, loaded with old bay seasoning and cider vinegar and dipped in mayonnaise, smack smack mmm mmm. The woman sitting behind us was refreshingly bigoted, using many un-PC terms to describe work mates. We couldn't help but laugh out loud, think Larry David in a red poly-wig. It's our unhealthy night, visually, nutritionally, and aesthetically. (Substitute the pancakes for a big bucket of fries in the image above, ok it ain't that big, we get the medium, we're good, the large needs a hand cart to get it out of the place, there's one even bigger than the large, it's called the ass tuck, $9.99, cheaper than a tank of gas!) Btw I've just listed the print above, Big Eats in my etsy shop The Dancing Cat, find out more about Herbert and Glenda and their side pickle here.

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