Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Need to Feed

Finally got the much anticipated DVD Great Migrations, chock full of animal spew and streaming guts! All of the gore and sexuality was backed by Alec Baldwin's half whispering half grunting narrative, perhaps it was his disgust at all the animal spew? Whale dicks and crab balls mmmm We only made it through Part 1 "Born to Move", which had enough breeding to have us back off part 2 "Need to Breed". I quickly ran in and took a shower. 
Somethings that need to feed aren't quite as overtly brutal or carnal. Although perhaps his Fatness "avoirdupois" over ate from the anxiety produced by his accidental viewing of this DVD.

On that note introducing my first set of Dancing Cat Cards!
 4 Gobbling Gluttons to share and love and sicken until death do you part :D

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