Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Merry

buff colored cat

Hope you're having  great holiday! We've been swamped in orders, finding lost Christmas ornaments and living at the post office, finally feel like we're coming up for air! Got the tree decorated was so excited could barely sleep. Looking forward to the Renaissance portrait show at The Met! Everyone thinks portraiture is dead. Not with what Tom's been creating the last several years... ahmeph modern day Botticelli? :D Lets see saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie in DC not as smart as the to see the new Freud film- Dangerous Minds?Have you seen it yet or War Horse? Looks sappy good, the A.O. Scott review was pretty good in today's paper. I'd have to agree with his closing statement, "to choose compassion and consolation, requires a measure of obstinacy, a muscular and brutish willfulness that is also an authentic kind of grace." At least someone still has hope for the human race! Continung to plough through Robert Hughes Rome, was sent a copy of Caravaggio's biography for Christmas as well as a bottle of buff colored makeup that smells like my grandma hmm, not from the same gift givers... Noticed a new large picture book of Caravaggio's paintings from Rizzoli? Weird pop up flaps like an advent calendar- the biography apparently took 10 yrs to write and has received rave reviews- should be good, although Robert Hughes 'Rome' has been hell. Watched a documentary on the Medici and one on Lafayette- Vivre le france! Love to get Tom a book on the Alps for Christmas. Searching for vintage cat ornaments, never found a good one, or an Alps book. Had french toast for dinner and now off to read or watch vintage cycling videos.. ;D
ciao my cats!
What have you been up to?
(ps. buff cat refers to a search someone made to find my shop using search term "'buff colored cat christmas cards' was wondering what the hell a buff colored cat was!)

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Cindy said...

i love this post and hope you're having a wonderful holiday!