Saturday, December 24, 2011

Renaissance Portraiture

Simonetta (after Botticelli) by Tom

Inspired by the show at The Met Tom decided to make a study of Botticelli's 'Simonetta'. While still in the works... I snatched it up to show you! I love how fresh it is! Apparently Simonetta was all the rage, the model of her day, died at the age of 23 from tuberculosis.. one of the Medici's locked her in a tower and turned her into a vampire so she could live forever and she jumped out a window...?? At least that's what Tom's been telling me.. does that insight add to the portrait? Sounding very twilightesque...Wondering who her hairstylist was? ;D

Below: I work on my own side profiles...
I do my own hair.

Happy Christmas Eve!!


Ellen Vesters said...

Merry christmas to you and Tom, Jamie! Have yourselves a well-deserved break :)

hmstrjam said...

You too Ellen!!