Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brief Recap of Olympic Mens Road Race

Wiggins and giant bell open Olympic Ceremony Wiggins opens the games by ringing a giant bell

Way to go Wiggins!
First British winner of the Tour de France (he had to go home and sleep though before next days race!)

Pastry squirrel stopped in to watch Pastry Squirrel stops by to watch the zoom in but he doesn't want to get too close (I'll lay flat across the street thank you very much...) Olympic road race Mens road race -started at 5am this morning- go Team GB! Gilbert in action Gilbert attempts a break away the pain pain on face Untitled nice colored jerseys (from Belgium!) Vino breaks away Vino makes a break his neon bike gives him power his neon bike gives him power Vino!!! Vino wins! Take that commentators who said I was too old (39) so happy so happy Untitled tears of joy oh well Cav oh well Cav Griepel too bad Griepel, Germans lose Team USA you lose USA lose (Taylor Phinney hiding) poor Cancellara so sad Cancellaara- how could you crash?! Don't cry Cancellara! Don't cry, we still love you! Olympic road race Olympic Road race in London (view our full set of images here)

Women's road race is tomorrow! 7am
Not sure it will be so emotional ? !

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