Sunday, July 29, 2012

Women's Olympic Road Race Recap!

armstrong goes for break Kristen Armstrong (not related to Lance) in a breakaway- woke up to a rainy race day for the women's olympic road race women's race A couple of crashes lots of fans Huge crowds! Olympic women's road race A break in the weather, some sun for the ladies! Untitled More crashes Untitled more rain Untitled love how GB's Armistead wore her pearl earrings- so classy :D Untitled Breakaways attempted all day. Finally 3 women got away- Olga from Russia, Vos from the Netherlands and Armistead from GB! Untitled Vos looked the strongest Untitled Final sprint for the line Untitled Vos takes it! Untitled Emotion afterwards Untitled still not sure why she was chewing her glasses.. Untitled gets lots of hugs eee! realization sets in Women's Road race winner Vos rain and tears mix Kristen Armstrong Team USA Kristen Armstrong looked beat Armistead comes in second GB's Armistead was humble and excited to get Silver (first medal for the UK!) Overall a great race! Bravo!


annamaria said...

Thank you Jamie for this very exciting reporting! I didn't get an opportunity to watch but you brought it all to life for me!(and I love the earrings too. good choice)

Cindy said...

love the pearls & emotions, but those crashes are nuts and nuts should be reserved for squirrels.